13 Tips for Love

Love, in theory, is a feeling that generates a positive inclination and an intense affective, emotional or sexual attraction for another person who is wished the best.

But, even so, it is an emotion that generates restlessness, for which certain advice of love is appropriate.

Words of good intention in time can help improve the prospects of people who need more confidence, a new vision that allows them to see things differently.


Love tips and positive phrases for self-esteem help.

Love Tips – Effective and Popular Phrases

Fortunately, they are expressions of love benefit that can be obtained on the web and social networks, which many women, men and couples may need to express their affection and gain their partner’s understanding.


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Some effective and popular phrases about love are:

  • When you think too much, you’ll create a problem that didn’t exist at first.


  • Women want respect, girls want attention.


  • Don’t let insecurity ruin the great beauty you were born with.


  • Locking oneself in cholera and hatred is useless, it is like taking a poison and waiting for that other person to die.


  • I may not be what you want, but I’ll always be more than you deserve.


  • What seem like bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.


  • When you learn to listen to your brain, you can protect your heart.


  • If everything happened as and when you wanted it, it wouldn’t be worth waiting for.


  • Don’t cheat, don’t lie and don’t make promises you can’t keep, these are very simple rules that will help your relationship.


  • Lies can be made with words and also with silences.


  • Discipline and constancy is the distance between reality and dreams.


  • The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is the plus that can be given.


  • Repenting for wasted time is always a waste.

What do you think of these love phrases/tips? Do you know any good advice or phrases that can be applied to love?