How to Control Jealousy [Effective Tips]

Jealousy is a feeling that we have all felt at one time or another; even if you trust your partner completely, you always feel annoyed by the flirtation of others or by rumours.

This can lead to complex situations, problems and even, over time, can lead to the break-up of couples.

Science can explain the origin of jealousy, so experts have made some suggestions for couples to avoid the misunderstandings caused by jealousy and to maintain affective relationships, controlling the fears generated by mistrust.


Tips on how to control practical jealousy

The best advice from emotional guides or experts in couples counseling can be summarized in clues, as many people find it helpful to improve their relationship with the person they love. Some of them being the following:

  • Find out where jealousy comes from, it’s important to know that you often feel distrustful of yourself, which makes you think that the other person can change you for someone else. But other times it is a question of bad experiences that are not overcome and that must be ended by understanding that each relationship is different.

Another of the most common reasons for jealousy is the influence that may have been created by coming from a family environment where parents had reason to be jealous, which predisposes some people to feel jealous.


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  • It is important to know what you are worth, to know your qualities and why you are counting on your partner to help you learn to control your jealousy. Self-confidence will make you less jealous, and you will avoid the obsession that you can be abandoned.
  • Respect your partner’s space, because when you over-absorb your partner or want them to be together at all times, you can create burnout in the relationship because everyone wants to have their space. They recommend that in these cases, work on security in your partner to ensure that everyone can enjoy their particular space.

When keeping your activities and hobbies without your partner, it is taken into account that before being a partner of that person, you are a human being with individuality, with your own tastes and responsibilities.

In that sense, it is suggested that each person’s preferences be maintained, since maintaining their space strengthens security and calms anxiety.

  • Avoid negative thoughts and separate the real from the fiction, since objectivity is what can keep couples away from jealousy and see things as they really are. It is best to avoid physical and verbal hostility to confusing or unconfirmed situations.
  • Remain calm; an effort must be made to deal with a possible attack of jealousy, as stopping for a few minutes allows you to reflect and avoid unpleasant situations. It’s better to retreat to be calm and to control the mood. It’s best to think cold, because although it may be an annoying situation, it might just be a guess.
  • Understand that the couple is not your property. In reality, couples are made up of people who decide to share their time together, but do not belong to each other. In addition, relationships can be terminated or mutated. Jealousy and other irrational reactions are typical of those who do not realize that jealousy does not help.
  • Forgive or end, when couples have been unfaithful and more if it has been several times, it is difficult not to be jealous, but when they are excessive they become a vicious cycle that wears both of them out and wears down the relationship.

At the same time, when there have been several infidelities on the part of the current couple, it is more difficult to overcome them and improve self-esteem.

You can run the risk of becoming too jealous, and you have to evaluate what is the best decision to overcome it and definitely overcome the jealousy in the best way.

We hope that these tips can help you if you are going through a period of jealousy and mistrust of your partner. We recommend that you reflect, think, and take the right path.