How to Attract Love?

Before we begin, it should be made clear that this article is not a magical guide, much less a simple solution to the problems that any person may have in attracting true love.

The purpose of the article is to construct a concept of love, since love is not sought, but cultivated. If you want to begin the process of attracting true love, then you must first understand that if you have not yet achieved this task it is because you may have had a mistaken concept of what love is.

Sometimes, it is possible that you are making a futile attempt which will serve no purpose. So you want to know how to attract love? You can start by following these steps.


Tips for attracting love

Accept without forgetting

It is quite normal that one of the main impediments to achieving true love is the past.

Many people carry deep-rooted wounds and memories that prevent them from moving on with their lives, so if you want to start over in love, you must accept past experiences.


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It is impossible to be responsible for other people’s decisions when it comes to love, however, you must be aware of all the decisions that are made, for example, the type of partner you want to have, the type of relationship and the type of treatment you want to get, because if you are not clear on any of these aspects, you will most likely fail in love.

An important recommendation for those who have little experience in love is that you should not look for people who are still dealing with their past or have an unhealed wound; they may at first see you as a relief or a sort of lifesaver, but when that person is well, it is quite possible that they will seek a replacement.

Defining love

To mention that defining love goes far beyond being able to explain its concept by means of a statement, so it is necessary to know first what is really wanted of love, leaving aside the myths about love at first sight, the chemistry between people or destiny.

But this is not all, because before starting a relationship, the first love that must be understood is self-love; this is because if you do not have self-respect or do not know personal value, then it is impossible to think that there is a person who can feel love for someone like that.

Although most people think that love is just a feeling, the truth is that it involves several emotions and very important aspects for it to exist, some of these are the respect, empathy, limits, agreements and commitments that each of the parties is willing to accept.

First, love yourself

It is also important to note that sometimes it is easier to love another person than to have self-esteem, however, if you want to find true love, this is a requirement of great importance, so you need to have great respect and empathy for yourself to protect emotional stability.

It is very common for people who do not have self-esteem to become dependent on their partners, so they feel the need to be with them or in contact with them at every moment of their lives. They often become controlling or obsessive, causing relationships to become complicated and toxic.

It is even easy to notice when people begin to experience self-esteem, as their daily lives begin to improve automatically, getting better opportunities. This is because your attitude will be much more relaxed and open, looking more attractive to other people.

Determine what you want from a person

When looking for a person to love it is important to know what you want from them, however, it is also important to know what you do not want from them, so it is a good idea to first determine what you do not want from them, because these aspects make people incompatible.

When you are clear about what you want from a person and what you don’t want, it is important to maintain this opinion and respect previously recognized personal parameters. To emphasize that this step may make it a little more complicated to get a partner, but at the moment of getting one it is very possible that it is a true love.

Understand that they are agreements and commitment

It is not only necessary to establish a commitment with the person who wishes to enter into a loving relationship, since one must also have a commitment with oneself if one wishes to have a healthy relationship, since limits can only be established by each one of the people, so that they can also be respected.

It is important that if, at any time, the person with whom you wish to enter into a relationship, or already have a love relationship, passes any of the established limits or does not have the aspects you are really looking for, the wisest decision is to say goodbye and continue looking.

Be brave

Many people follow to the letter all the advice we have given above, and are very clear about what they want, have self-esteem, know what agreements are and know how to make them, their concept of love is correct, accept their past well, have grown in every sense, have achieved a personal evolution….

But, they do not have the courage to let go of those people who are part of their present, thus losing the opportunity to live in the present moment. You have to have the courage to say good-bye, the courage to say good-bye.

All the advice we have given you is important to attract someone’s love, and sometimes you need to say goodbye, close a stage, and start another one where you meet new people.

Don’t forget that true love is not how it is seen in movies, true love is based on personal commitments to other people.

We want to make it clear that these steps or advice are not laws or mathematical formulas, you can also mark your steps and follow other good advice, and thus get to attract true love to your life.

You decide…