How do you Propose to a Woman? 9 Effective Tips

It is always a good option to have the help of a blog of this kind to give us some advice or support on simple, and also complex, issues that arise in relationships.

This post is dedicated to those who visit us and are interested in knowing how to declare themselves to a woman. Many times, it happens that we are very attracted to a girl and have not found a way or means to express our feelings for her.

Other times, that woman’s charms drive us crazy, and the only thought on our minds is to tell her that we love her and that she is the woman we want to spend the rest of our lives with.


However, in this situation, it is best to come to your senses and take things seriously. Next, we’ll take a step-by-step look at how you can declare your love to that girl you love so much.

You must have complete confidence and self-confidence to take the first step in making your declaration of love, now we will see how to do it.


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One of the aspects that we must consider is that in many cases the fear of not being reciprocated by the woman we like so much does not allow us to express the words in the way we really want them to.

Also, consider that she will have to adjust to a situation that may be uncomfortable for her, if she did not expect it. So declaring your love for a woman will not depend only on the way she faces herself, but also on the response that the girl you love so much gives to your proposal.

To take on this special situation, we would like to leave you with some tips or advice that you can apply.

How to Declare Yourself to a Woman – Effective Tips

Don’t be afraid of the possibility of rejection

The worst thing that could happen when you declare your love to a girl is that she says no, even though she has shown you that she is attracted to you.

Maybe he thinks it’s too early to start a relationship, but you don’t have to worry or be sad about it, we’ve all at some point been rejected by a woman, you won’t be the first, you won’t be the last.

You just have to give time to your wounded ego, tolerance and patience are the best virtues for this kind of situation, a very wise advice we have all received from a good friend at some point is to have confidence and self-esteem.

Remember, too, that if you don’t try, it will never happen.

Engages in interesting and in-depth dialogues

You can’t think that having seen a girl a couple of times and exchanged a few words with her, you’re ready to ask her to be your girlfriend, this could be a mistake that generates some mistrust about your seriousness.


It is important to engage in interesting and profound dialogues that allow you to get to know her, and at the same time to make yourself known, it is necessary to listen carefully to discover her attitudes, feelings and reflections.

You can also tell if she’s comfortable with the conversation or if she’s withdrawn. These details will allow you to prepare yourself to declare your love to him.

He flirts in a romantic way

There are great ways you can use to make a predeclaration to this woman that you are so attracted to, you must flirt with her in a very romantic way, you can pretend to ask for her hand in a classic but fun way, this is what girls love very much.

That way, she’ll know you’re really interested in her and you’ll find out what her reaction is.

Make her have fun when she’s with you

Girls love to laugh and have fun, and they love a man with a good sense of humor.

So when you’re with the girl you like, try to have her have fun with you; a joke, a character imitation or a simple gesture can make her feel very comfortable with you.

But remember, you must be as natural as possible and not overdo it, so she will feel your grace and ease and want to spend more time with you, and assured you that she will look at you in a very special way.

Send her messages of love

Now that you are closer to the girl who has fallen in love with you and you know she cares about you, you can make her feel that you like her and that you will soon make a declaration of love to her.

To do this, you can use love text messages and social networking messages to deliver those love phrases you haven’t yet told her in person.

You can send thoughts, love poems, song phrases or your own romantic creations; she will surely be pleased and respond to your messages.

Clarify your feelings

Before you move forward in this relationship, you need to find out if you really feel that this girl is the one you are willing to share important moments in your present and future life with. You must ask yourself, if you see yourself going out with loving intentions only with her and not with other girls.

It is very important to clarify that this is not a passing incantation. And believe that it is the love of your life and in reality it is not.

To do this, spend time with her without formality, so that you can give yourself the opportunity to discover your real feelings for her.

Be spontaneous and declare your love in simple words

When you believe that the moment to declare your love, make it as natural and spontaneous as possible, do not use fancy phrases because you can confuse it, your statement must be original, with your own words, a tender and affectionate voice.

You must make her feel that you really love her; she will appreciate this more than a statement prepared or copied from any text.

Choose the right moment

To declare your love for the woman you have fallen in love with, you have to find the perfect occasion, the right moment where there is no disturbance of any kind so that she feels comfortable and can give you her full attention.

You should talk to her about your feelings and do it in a very natural way, but without being impulsive, because if you do it she may take it for granted.

Declare your love in a perfect place

Find a nice and comfortable place to declare your love to this girl you love so much, without other people who can interrupt them, look at her with tenderness and let her know your feelings in a clear and seductive tone.

You have to be relaxed, think that if you don’t express your feelings to her, you will never know if she loves you and wants to be your girlfriend.  Remember that anything can happen and if he doesn’t accept, then don’t think it’s the end, many other opportunities will come.

On the other hand, if the girl you like so much says yes, you will enter a new phase of love with the woman who can be your companion for a long time, maybe a lifetime.

What did you think of these tips? We hope that they will help you a lot, and that with them you will know how to declare yourself to the girl you like and you can conquer her. Go ahead…. Be brave!