How do You Discover Infidelity?

One of the factors that most affect couples today is infidelity; the causes that cause cheating in couples are diverse: pathological jealousy, arguments or fights for no apparent reason, lack of interest in the couple, the need for revenge for feeling deceived, or the lack of constant and satisfactory sexual relations, are among the main ones.

Recent studies have revealed that deception is becoming more and more common nowadays, a very curious fact that is also revealed, is that women outnumber men in the area of infidelity, since according to specialists, women generally act with greater caution and define more successful strategies in this area, which makes it more difficult for them to be discovered.

Men, on the other hand, according to the studies mentioned, tend to be much more predictable and leave much more evidence, which allows them to be more easily detected by their partners, who have more intuition and are always attentive to any signs.


So… How do you discover infidelity?

Main reasons for suspicion of a deception

When a person suspects that their partner is cheating on them, they often contact a detective agency. One of the first questions they ask you is what motivates you to carry out this research, one of the main reasons is that you have it:


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  • Find evidence that will allow you to have a cause for divorce, based on real facts and sustainable in a trial.
  • Find enough evidence to end the relationship with your partner due to loss of trust.
  • Determine whether the reasons for your partner’s current behavior are due to deception.
  • Rule out infidelity that is causing the breakdown of the relationship and the estrangement of the couple.

Warning signs that can help detect infidelity

Among the main signs that make it possible to detect that infidelity is occurring in the couple, both by the man and the woman, are the following:

  • Unexplained changes in behavior. Living together on a daily basis and maintaining a fluid and continuous communication allows us to understand and predict the behaviour of the couple. When unusual behaviour is observed, the question arises as to why this is so, one of the reasons included in the list of reasons is infidelity, and in many cases it is at the top of the list. This type of behavior is very subjective and is usually only noticed by the partner.
  • Sudden mood swings. Mood swings have a special meaning in relationships, as they are usually due to the arrival of a lover, a feeling that produces pleasure, but also resentment for the injustice that is committed with your partner. This situation generates sudden changes in mood, which are perceived by the other partner.
  • Unexpected look changes and excessive care of appearance. The members of a couple know very well how the other is dressed and what the level of care of their image is; so when something unexpected happens, such as a change in the look or an excessive increase in care to attract attention with their appearance, the alarms go off, this is one of the chances that infidelity is occurring.
  • Abrupt changes in daily activities. One of the most noticeable elements of a relationship is the abrupt changes in the daily activities of either partner, since both know what their partner likes or dislikes to do, so if a particular interest or new activity arises, it could be motivated by infidelity, among other things.
  • Circles of exclusive friendships. Generally, groups or circles of friends are not grounds for infidelity, but when they are exclusive of the other partner, a complex situation arises; since the couple may suspect that such a circle does not exist or is being used to cover up an infidelity, in fact exclusion is grounds for suspicion that something strange is happening.
  • Excessive care with social networks and media. For a relationship of infidelity to occur, there must be fluid communication between those who are committing it, it is no longer about letters or messages; the massification of social networks has led to a variety of ways to communicate such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Telegram. When one of the partners starts to take excessive care with the messages he or she sends or receives, i.e. hides the phone, takes the sound away, erases the messages at all times or turns off the phone to prevent your partner from seeing the messages, it can be a sign that he or she is cheating on your partner.
  • Affective encounters of lesser intensity and frequency. The affective encounters of a couple can go through different levels throughout their relationship, from very intense at first to the most memorable and affective in an already established relationship; but the intensity and frequency will always be a decisive factor, a change in the levels of affection is noticed by both men and women. So, if there is no cause related to stress levels, health, work, financial, or communication problems in the couple, then it is very likely that infidelity is the cause of this estrangement.
  • Neglect of family activities. When you are unfaithful, you need to spend time with it, even many people often become addicted to these moments of pleasure, so that without being aware of it they stop paying attention to many family activities, so that their partner and often their children realize that this person is being unfaithful.

The presence of one or more of these signs should be analyzed with great care, since some of them can be confused and not with an unfaithful person, but with one who is going through multiple problems that are not necessarily related to infidelity.

It is recommended that this work be left in the hands of specialists, who are responsible for carrying out the analyses, since thanks to their experience, objectivity and total absence of bias, they will be able to investigate the facts and really determine what is happening. This will help to clarify the situation, so that the person can make the decision that suits them best.

Do you know any other signs of how to spot infidelity? Do you think they’re more common today than they used to be? Would you forgive an infidelity?